Road trip

So I’m posting from my Dad and Stepmum’s living room. I know! This crazy interweb, it just works everywhere.

We were going to be here by midday. I think we arrived closer to 3pm. AND I didn’t lose anyone along the way. Amazing huh.

But in actually getting here I learnt some salient lessons that some of your may benefit from during this school holiday period:
– while it will mean you don’t have to do it when you get home, is it really necessary to clean the back verandah when you should be packing?

– I totally understand the resistance to any potential vet bill for a $15 pet, but perhaps another two days in a manky cage would not result in the guinea pigs developing some disturbing skin ailment.

– You’re doing washing? Really? Even though you won’t be there to hang it out and even if you were you won’t be there to wear those ncie clean clothes so just back away from the laundry.

– Yes, you really should have gone to the chemist yesterday.

– You know when you think to yourself, ‘don’t forget to put the guinea pigs back in the cage‘? Go then and put the guinea pigs back in the cage. Because you know, once you’ve been to the chemist, then to McDonald’s, then back to the chemist and you finally get on the road for that two hour road trip? You will remember that you did forget to put the guinea pigs back in their cage and will have to turn around, go home, and put the fucking guinea pigs back in their cage (as opposed to in the rain in the backyard).

– If you’re kids are going to eat McDonald’s and ice cream in the car, best to have the sick bags where you can reach them, as opposed to in the boot, under the bags and the fold-up chairs you always forget you have in the boot when you go to the kid’s footy game and end up standing the entire time until your legs feel like they’re going to fall off.

In other news, Grover was three last week. THREE! Can you believe it? Apparently this happened but seriously, I don’t remember him being a baby and am sure he just arrived as the Turdinator. There are photos and a post about this crazy three year old to come.

Grover had requested a Thunderbirds cake and in light of last year’s debacle of the phallus 4th birthday cake for Jasper who had similarly requested such a cake, this year I used the Women’s Weekly guide to creating a cake the shape of a rocket and even engaged in craft activities to bring it to life. Let’s just say the phrase, ‘Houston, we have a problem’ was well worn by the end of festivities.