It’s official. The addition of a dinky radio, which I nicked off mum, into my kitchen has transformed mornings in this house.

The big boys know they have to be dressed and ready for school before they can play xbox, wii or on the computer. That’s right. All those rules and regulations I used to have about no TV in the mornings are long dead. Even Mum has given up telling me how you can totally pick the kids who have watched TV before school because they’re so ‘away with the fairies/off-the-planet/useless/insertanyothernegativephrasehere’. Besides, technically it’s not TV, it’s computer games. HAHA! I so win.

But then I am left with the infernal white noise of computer games and kids cheering/hissing/questioningtheumpireeventhoughit’saonewaymedium and well, that kind of drives me insane. A lot.

And now? Now I can listen to ABC Classic FM and pretend it’s having some sort of musical impact on my children. Felix asked me to turn it on this morning so I figure maybe something is seeping into those disaffected brains of theirs.

Naturally none of this has translated to us getting anywhere on time.

Baby steps people, baby steps.