10 points to indicate the earth has tilted on its axis or perhaps the apocalypse is imminent

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1. I woke up in a good mood
2. Felix has started having a (decaffeinated) coffee in  the mornings and when I was showing him how to make it  I indicated there was one very important rule he had to adhere to: that when he made it he had to make his mum a cup of tea and bring it to her. Today I had my tea brought to me when I was in the shower.
3. All the children who had to be at school were at school. ON TIME.
4. I vacuumed the car.
5. I mopped the floor of the car. Yes, my car has plastic flooring. It was about the only stipulation I had on a new car. That and that there was enough space that all four children could be in said car and not able to physically touch each other. Priorities people.
6. I went out to lunch (Chef’s work: Danks St Depot) and someone else (mum) paid.
7. My two youngest children came out to lunch too and were perfectly behaved.
8. I was not late picking the boys up from school.
9. I read the boys the riot act about coming into the supermarket (the definition of a ‘treat’; the no running, no screaming, no fighting, no squealing, no anything except breathing and walking beside me; the threat of removing chosen treat for any breaking of rules) AND they adhered to it.
10. It’s 6pm and only one child is crying.

Written by allconsuming

July 23rd, 2010 at 7:13 pm