You know those people that can only do a poo in their own toilet? Well the Shit Fairy has clearly found her home at our place…

I really REALLY hate it when my blog starts reading like one of those blogs. You know the ones, where it’s all doom and gloom and bitching and woe and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The ones you stop reading because you reach saturation point. It’s too depressing, too relentless, too incredulous that life could be that hard for one person and their family so often or so regularly.


Let me share with you a scene from our house this morning:

Yes, that would be a shitload* of ambulance officers down our side path at about 8.40 this morning. If you look closely, you can see the ambo in the front of the picture is kneeling tending to someone on the ground.

That would be my mother. You know my Mum, she of two hip replacements, one of which her body is rejecting. She of increasingly severe arthritis. She of the CHRONIC.BAD.BACK.

I mentioned yesterday that it was still raining here, which is coming up to about almost three weeks of really really wet weather. Mum slipped over on one of the ramps we built for Oscar’s wheelchair when she was taking her last little bit of rubbish out to the bins before the garbo came.

 As she lay on the freezing, wet pathway shaking violently from shock we had one of those weird role reversals where you become like the parent reassuring the frightened and in pain child. Our neighbour, Felix and I held umbrellas over her, tried to shove some towels under her to get her off the cold wet ground and covered her in a blanket. A rapid response vehicle came first, quickly followed by not one but two, TWO ambulances.

I mean seriously, if it hadn’t been quite obvious Grandmama was in a great deal of pain and being taken away these scenes basically make up my toddlers’ idea of BEST THING EVAH.
Several hours later, some xrays, diazepan, paracetamol and ibuprofen later we’re home. Nothing is broken. She is in a great deal of pain. 
I must confess I did have a bit of a sob on the shoulder of our neighbour after the ambulance left this morning and another near cry when my Dad and stepmother rang for a chat and I was sitting in the emergency department waiting room. 
I mean, far fucking out. Enough already. 
But as Mum said, well, the only thing for it now is to get better. 
Onward. Albeit wearily. 
* technical term for more than one ambulance officer.