I’m not good at waiting.
We’re doing a lot of waiting around here.
Waiting to hear on the job front.
Waiting for casts to come off.
Waiting for Nana and Grandpa to come home from their overseas trip.
Waiting for people to get back to me.
Waiting for fame and fortune.
Waiting for even more fortune.

Waiting waiting waiting.

Shits me.

The NSW Budget was released this week.
The following morning I heard several news bulletins where it did not even rate a mention in the introduction.
As if that didn’t say a LOT about just how fucked the State is and how hopeless we all see the situation.
This was in the letters to the editor of The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday – and quite frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Less for schools, more for pubs, roll on March
June 10, 2010
Could it get any worse than this? What kind of government would reduce public school and TAFE expenditure by $73 million in real terms, decrease poker machine taxes to help their mates in the pub industry, and yet manage to find $45 million to stop the rugby league grand final going to Brisbane or Melbourne? March 2011 can’t come soon enough. John Moseley Newcastle


I’ve attempted to learn how to crochet this week. Words can not express how frustrating it is that I am not instantly good at this and capable of whipping up the quirky blankets and funky patterns I so have in my head. Last night I had to just put it down and walk away, such was the tension in my body and brain and just why my trebles were upside down or not even remotely like what was in the picture. G’ah.


Yesterday I had to collect Oscar from school as he’d been sick. All over his maths book, calculator and desk. An image I am sure is now indelibly printed on his classmates brain as the time George Papidopolous did a poo in his pants in assembly, just as I was filing in to sit in front of him and saw it push out the leg of his stubbies, like a big bulbous flow of lava down a hillside except brown and totally gross is on mine.

He came home, slept for an hour and then made a miraculous recovery to eat three sausages at dinner along with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and carrots. Of course he’s home today because of the whole 48hour rule regarding spewage and a return to the public domain.

Then last night Jasper developed a temperature and was poorly, to wake this morning and announce he is all better.

Meanwhile I had a wretchedly sore throat yesterday and despite gargling with salt water, using saline nasal sprays, drinking warm lemon and honey beverages and having been taking zinc for about a week have appeared to develop a stonking cold come sinus infection overnight. Awesome.


OH this post is shite.

I’ve got nothing.

Come back later. Maybe something good might have happened.