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Chef is now* sous chef at Danks St Depot.

Word can not express how awesome this is. Danks St Depot has long been one of our favourite digs. It – and its owner/chef Jared Ingersoll – have street cred. It is a place of integrity, incredible food, awesome atmosphere, great staff and all round legendness (shut up).

You know how I said I had a feeling something great was about to happen? That something awesome was going to come by for Chef? Told you so.

* Well, from Thursday**. 
** Well, in about six weeks when the current sous chef goes over to Jared Ingersoll’s new venture, Cotton Duck. Until then he’s one of the crew and learning the ropes***. 
*** One of the things he’ll be adjusting to is a particular type of stove-top that Chef has never used before and takes some getting used to.  

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June 13th, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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