crickets chirping

What can I tell you…

it’s still raining.
my children are driving me nuts.
my husband had a migraine yesterday but is still sick today and now I’m suspecting man flu.
my son is still in a wheelchair but doing remarkably well.
every single one of my children has lobbied me to have another baby in the last week.
I’m having one of those stupid crises of confidence that cripple me.
To combat it I have revived a little business idea I was kicking around a few years back which I – of course – did nothing about.
So far I’ve emailed some people! I know!
Chef has had one interview and has another one on Monday.
I am, meanwhile, blitzing the industry with his resume.
I write a killer cover letter. What can I say.
It took a while by KRudd has actually fucked it up.
There are always allowances for a young government – you can not be in opposition for more than a decade and not be allowed some leeway.
But there is no excuse for a stupid one.
Home insulation, BER, government advertising – rort rort rorty rort rort.
I cleaned the oven door today using one of those razor blade thingys.
It took four blades.
I also managed – after an email exchange with Ilve – to change the light globes in the oven.
For the first time in, oh, years you can see in the oven and the lights work.
Jasper said he loved our new oven.
The rangehood is filthy with dust and grime.
It is giving me the absolute shits.
I am contemplating pulling all my blogs back into this one.
I also want to have my own url rather than the blogspot one.
I need a web designer because I do not have the brain or energy to try and understand what needs to be done to make that happen except that I know exactly what I want it to look like.
I’ve started crocheting.
I think I like it.
If I even mention scrapbooking in a non-derisive way you all have permission to kill me with a tray.