468 months

It’s Chef’s birthday today.
It’s also his first day at his new job.

What a day!

Next month is our TWENTY YEAR anniversary.TWENTY!*

I saw my shrink yesterday and filled him in on the last two months, having missed last month’s regular appointment due to being at hospital with Oscar. He’s less a shrink and more a sounding board for me at the moment as my mental well being is ticking along quite nicely. It was pretty funny watching his face when I relayed the events of Chef. Anyway, he was as impressed with my coping and positivity as I have been. Dudes, the passage of time and getting older does have its merits.

In other news I can’t stop crocheting. It’s a compulsion. The children were totally neglected last night and not in bed until 9pm because I was attempting a granny square and it was working! I was even using a bigger hook to see what the effect would be. Experimentation! 


* Cue jokes about some people getting less time for murder etc.