This weekend

the second of my greatest fears occurred, the first having happened during the week.


The illness that strikes fear into the very core of every parent.
The illness that strikes fear more than anything else into the mind of a parent of many children.
The illness that tests the fortitude of your washing machine.
The illness that proves you can never have too many sheets, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, extra doonas or towels.
The illness that guarantees whatever you had last eaten you will not be able to look at eating again for at least six months.
The illness which, while you know it will eventually pass, makes you want to die.

So far four of us have succumbed – Jasper (who clearly introduced it thanks to kindy) on Wednesday night, Grover on Friday night, me on Saturday morning, Oscar on Saturday night.

I’m existing on a diet of dry SAOs, vegemite toast and lemon barley cordial.

The only upside of gastro? Immediate weight loss.