Snippets from a week in a hospital

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So the last night in the hospital had me sleeping on the floor on my MIL’s yoga mat like I did the first night. A nice rounding of the experience don’t you think? To finish sort of where you started.

But all week I’d been having these weird dreams in which I put the boys in an alternative school setting that smacked of some sort of religious cult.

Anyway, that last night, on the fucking yoga mat, I had a dream featuring me and the female principal of this school getting it on in a (EMPTY) classroom.

I woke up having you.know.whatted. IN A COMPLETE STATE because I’d you know, you.know.whatted IN MY SLEEP. ON THE FLOOR. IN A WARD WITH FOUR ADOLESCENT BOYS AND their MOTHERS.

Goodness knows if I was making inappropriate noises.


As if I needed any further proof my brain is completed fucked*. 

*Boom tish.

Written by allconsuming

May 18th, 2010 at 11:08 pm