Flat on my back

So last night my back got worse, if that was possible and I couldn’t even stand. Awesome. Then a wonderful reader emailed me the details of a physio nearby who had worked wonders for her. I actually thought it was the place I’d gone the last time my back was this bad (which was about 8 years ago) but was in fact the place next door.

Anyway, miracle worker. Am still flat on my back but at least can lift my feet off the floor and walk a little way.

Am going back tomorrow and how I am by then will indicate the true depth of the problem. The physio guru suspects a bulging disc but thinks I might have got away with ‘just’ a rotated pelvis considering how well I responded to treatment this morning.

I came home and remembered my stash of pain-killers/anti-inflammatory drugs from when I had my gall-bladder out. I’ve had one of them and am now getting that blissful fuzzy head feeling. Kicking myself for not remembering I had them last night.

Thanks for all your advice and suggestions –  am implementing accordingly.