we were back at hospital for Oscar to have his casts changed and casts for new orthotics done under general anaesthetic and Chef lost his job because he asked for a pay rise.


Awesome day.

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  • Mrs Woog



    Name of restaurant please?? I see a shit bag being sent soon.

    PS Surely that is illegal??

  • 74 Lime Lane

    oh no, I don't know what to say either but can they do that?
    think karma

  • sooz

    Totally craptastic. Unfuckingbelievable.

  • Bianca

    Fark Kim. That is terrible. I hope you can speak to some leagal type person because that sounds wrong.

    Good vibes for Oscar.

  • innercitygarden

    Bugger. And many other far ruder swears. Bloody buggery bankmanagers as a character used to say on a show I loved but can no longer remember the name of. I remember that the character was called Joy, because she wasn't.

    Hope things are a bit less shit very soon.

  • jodie

    Okay, name and address of said restaurant and the whole of blogland will open a can of whoop arse on them !!!

  • kim at allconsuming

    Oh thank you everyone. I imagine it is illegal but then again, Welcome to the world of Hospitality!

  • Badger

    Well fuck me sideways. There is a special place in hell for anyone who would fire a man on THE DAY HIS CHILD UNDERGOES GENERAL ANESTHESIA. I believe they call that place The Firepoker Buggery Division. So. That's sorted.

    And I have a strong feeling that Chef will find something else quickly. Something BETTER.

    Fingers crossed, good wishes, etc.

  • kris

    I am just so sorry. This is shocking.

    You are beyond strong to even be in a state to write this.


  • jac

    The HELL?
    I have nothing to say. Hope Oscar came through his day OK…

  • Trash

    What they all said and triple bugger.

  • ThirdCat

    oh, Kim. Fuck. I know that's not helpful, but I can't think of what else to say.

  • Anonymous

    Shit. (I've never sworn online before)Sending good wishes – hope all went well with Oscar.

  • blackbird

    You know I am standing beside you.
    And my arm's around your shoulder.

    Let's go drink.

  • Sophie

    that right there is why i hate people. people suck.

    i hope that everything went well for oscar (and you, worrying about him!), and that chef moves on to much bigger and better things very quickly. i will be thinking of you all.

  • Liesl

    What that? That's immoral … and probably not legal.

    Check out "Fair Work Australia".

    Sending good wishes to everyone – especially the little guy.

  • Eleanor

    What the fuck?!!!!

    Yep, that's me, using the f-word effectively in a commentbox.

    E xxxx

  • kirsten

    i'm so sorry!
    here's hoping this is just one miserable day and it's glorious sunshine hereon.
    in fact: sending you sunshine now – look out the window. 🙂
    thoughts with you guys.

  • Matthew Gain

    Contact a lawyer. That sounds terrible and can't be permissible surely.

    Even if Chef does't want to stay on he may be able to negotiate an extended settlement.

  • Kate

    Sweet Jesus. I also encourage you to extract some kind of legal revenge on them, should you have the emotional resources. Otherwise, perhaps a voodoo doll?

  • kurrabikid

    What??!! As everyone else has already said … surely that cannot be allowed. So sorry to hear that appalling news, Kim.

  • Kill

    Hope Ogga went OK.

    And re the other – not the first time with similar scenario – stupid industry as you said, I am sure you are 'cross' but not surprised. ALL I SEE is an opportunity to GET THEE TO THE COUNTRY – see how we have to look for the silver lining. I'm sure Barb would love it too – take her with you, start searching the internet today to take your mind off the otherwise oppressive devastation / impending poverty.

    love you, sending hugs/love and prayers

    ps – verification word is foodonjo which basically is a sign you should be making food at orange!!

  • peskypixies


    not legal at all.

    bloody hell.
    thats right up there with my GF DH who took the day off when his 1st child was born and got sacked for that.

    may the fleas of a thousand camels nest in their groins.

    hoping something GREAT comes up VERY soon for your hubby.


  • Elizabeth

    That is awful! I hope your sons surgery went very smoothly.

  • Corrie

    'oh shit' is the first thing that came to mind! hope hubby gets a job asap because I know what its like with so many mouths to feed – mind you, you've got one extra to feed!

    keep smiling and hope it went well at hospital! You have a lot on your plate


  • eurolush

    I'm with Eleanor…and bb…and also Badger.

    But mostly Eleanor…Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

    XX E

  • Anonymous

    Hugs for Oscar, booze for you and Chef. STAT.


  • Mary

    I am here stupidly late –

    I who can normally swear like a trooper cannot even muster a swear word

    so lost for words am I

  • Paola

    That is EVIL. I could curse, swear but a lot has been said already. I am going to let you know I am here, thinking of you very dearly. As I many times do. Hope Ogga was better toady.