Technically Day 1

So today was pretty hard on the Mighty Ogga Boy. I’m tired, I need to eat some dinner and I’m lazy so I’m just rehashing an email to my in-laws who are in an apartment overlooking the rooftops in Paris at the moment.

So today was a mixed bag for the Oscar boy who is, of course, being an absolute champ.

The pain team came around and were/are just fantastic. Their approach is that Oscar has had a huge amount of surgery and is therefore entitled to feel no pain whatsoever. He is still on a morphine drip and there is no plan to be taking him off it at the moment.

The legs look pretty gruesome as the wound sites underneath ooze. The plaster, being highly absorbent, soak up this ooze which is, of course, blood red. So imagine seeing two legs in really thick plaster but the bottom third to half of them being soaked in blood. Hideous.

This is all completely normal apparently.

He is sleeping a lot with wakeful periods of being pretty miserable – you can imagine, not able to move, hungry but not wanting to eat etc. Poor mite.

Also today he started to get some of the side-effects of the morphine, one being the incapacity of the brain to tell the body to empty it’s bladder. So in a moment of deep irony the nurses (all absolute legends) did a bladder scan (think an ultrasound) and revealed he was keeping close to a litre of wee in his bladder. Oscar! The kid who tries to kill my soul by wetting the bed more nights than not!

The downward spiral of this is that he was very uncomfortable which then in turn impacts his breathing as you’re concentrating on keeping all that wee in rather than taking nice deep breaths.

So this afternoon a catheter was put in. He was not happy about it one jot but the rest of us thought it a great show seeing a urine bag fill to 700mls in just a couple of minutes. He has been much more restful since and doesn’t even seem to notice/care about the catheter anymore.

Then there was the issue of the oxygen saturation in his blood – it should be 100 per cent but was basically hovering around 90-93 all day. Another morphine issue which was made worse by the fact the end of his bed is tilted up so his legs are well and truly elevated. Now he’s got some oxygen nasal tubes going and his sat levels are back at 100.

Of course, this is deeply distressing him no end. Dinner was a disaster while they were in as tubes in your nose mean you can not chew and definitely can not swallow. Anyway, we took them out for dinner and he ate the best amount of food he has since dinner on Monday night. The tubes are back in much to his distress but he’s sleeping now, hence why I’ve escaped to an area just outside the ward where I can use the free WIFI from the hospital cafe below.

The surgeon is really pleased with his progress but did get the physio girls to cut open the casts today – the reason being there would be a lot of swelling of his legs and cutting the casts open releases any pressure on them while still protecting them. Again, Oscar? An absolute star while this was happening. But you know what? All that blood oozing from the wound sites? With there now being a big cut through the casts? REALLY REALLY stinks. Already! Man, my olfactory system is drawing on all its do-not-make-me-gag resources at the moment.

In other news – Sooz sent me a care package of some Ric Rac softies to make (all cut out SO NEATLY and simply ready for me to put together) and a gorgeous little bag with scissors in a little quilted case – the stitching, the colours, the THOUGHT of it all made me cry. So now? I’m going to get into the jammies, set up my bed (a BED!) and do some sewing with hopefully some mindless pap on the TV in the background.

Which reminds me – I didn’t tell you that this morning they moved Oscar into another room with all older kids (as in they’re around his age) and ie a much quieter and calmer setting. AND next to his bed is a chair with a fold out bed in it. A BED! FOR ME! (as opposed to the floor with a yoga mat that I did last night) OH DUDES, there’ll be some snoring here tonight. 
The ward we’re on is the orthopaedic and neurology ward. That sort of says it all doesn’t it. The girl in the bed across from Oscar has her room/area totally set up like a bedroom so I knew she had been in for quite some time. Turns out it’s since about June July last year. There but for the grace of God… 
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  • Trash

    Man oh man he really is Oscar the super champ. Thinking triffic heal well thoughts and sending them his way – Go Oscar!

  • Suse

    Sending you both healing thoughts and a good night's sleep tonight.


    (Ha! Word verif. is LAYGO. Which of course is the American pronunciation).


  • Uli

    Sounds like he's being amazing, and the whole experience sounds awful.

    I hope you both get a good night's sleep tonight.

  • Duyvken

    The poor guy.
    Here's to continued good news tomorrow and some good sleep for you tonight too, my dear.
    lots of love from me,

  • ThirdCat

    I do hope you are having a good night's sleep, you and Oscar both.

  • Anonymous

    Keeping you all in my thoughts, and glad things are going so well.

    Sending you a cheerful video link: (because I know you like stuff like that)


  • blackbird

    Oh, I well and truly know…the O2 sats and the catheter…oh…is there a place where they keep the Warmed Blankets? Can Chef bring you your own pillow?
    I send you strength and know that each day will bring trials but it will get better.

    Much love.

  • Paola

    I go scared just reading this, I have no shame in admitting it.
    So I am pleased to hear you now have a bed and you deserve to snore with everything you're going through. I am also amazed by how Oscar is dealing with this.

  • Matthew Gain

    Sending good thoughts your way. All the best to Ogga and yourself.

  • Janet

    Sending more good healing thoughts for Oscar and you.


  • Danielle

    thinking of you all x

  • Anonymous

    I'm SO glad about the bed for you! Thinking and praying only the best for you all through recovery. Tell Oscar the internet is reeling with his bravery. He is a Champ!


    ps-this Canadian says the plural for Lego is Lego

  • Lara

    Hey Kim,
    The things you go through! Our best wishes go with you and Ogga. Hang in there!
    Lara & Dave.
    PS. the word verification for me is unshatud. not sure what that means…

  • Jodie

    Onward love and keep an eye on the postman.

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