Up down turn it around

OH DUDES, today has been a feral one indeed. I could feel it brewing yesterday and put it down to hormones and (yet again) not enough sleep. So last night I got enough sleep but today I was as cranky as all get out.

I kept replaying parts of a conversation I had with someone the other week, the parts where they said to me some major things had to change in my life because I could not maintain this level of stress and you know, live. I agreed but internally was thinking, ‘it’s just a phase, life is always hard with pre-school children then couple that with Oscar and impending surgery and blah de blah blahs’.

Then the bank rang with a ‘courtesy’ call to put money in the account or else – by 1.30. Which I did and when I rang then to tell them I’d done so at 1.20 they had already dishonoured the two direct debits that were meant to go out. Let’s just say that I raised my voice. And when she said they didn’t have to give us the courtesy call at all I kind of raised it and started sobbing. In the car. In the carpark at Warringah Mall. What can I say, I am nothing if not classy. I mean, why the fuck bother to give someone a courtesy call with a grace period if you’re then going to go and ignore that grace period anyway? Anyway, then I rang Chef and left a sobbing snotty melodramatic catastrophising ‘I can’t do this anymore’ voicemail. Because apart from being classy I am generous. To a fault.

Oh, and I’m fat. Which is actually stressing me out more than the bank balance (or lack thereof). Even the fat jeans are tight. G’AH.

So look, I want your input. What have you done when the going got so tough you just couldn’t stand it anymore. Did you quit your job? Did you get a job? Did you slam some doors, tighten the belt, sigh a lot, start drinking?

Tell me, share the blood, guts and gore of it all.