Ten Things

Pip started it.

  1. When I was born my feet touched my shins – when the authorities told Mum and Dad they had a baby girl  for them they said she was deformed. Mum tells me she fell in love with me the second she saw me. 
  2. We lived in Waco, Texas when I was aged 18 months to around 3. A twister came through when we were there and I remember hiding between two mattresses in the bath with Mum sitting on the side of it listening to a crackly radio broadcast from the transistor sitting on the bathroom sink. She got really cranky at me when I got out to have a look (you could see it coming out the bathroom window). It demolished the street next to us and left ours untouched. 
  3. I would love to live in the US. 
  4. I would love to live in a little seaside village on the windswept coast of the UK.
  5. I regularly daydream about packing up the family and moving to the country.
  6. I am fairly convinced Mum is disappointed I didn’t marry some crazy genius so all our children were academically brilliant and she could win some of the grandmotherly boasting competitions she has with her sisters.
  7. I am ridiculously paranoid. Sometimes debilitatingly so. 
  8. I have a friend from university who was one of my best friends. We had a falling out. We have patched things up over the years but it had never returned to what it was. I think this is largely due to my #7. I think of her each and every day and at the moment am regularly dreaming about her because she has very recently become a mum for the first time. 
  9. I yearn to be 15 kilos lighter than I am. I know how much happier I am at that weight. I know how good it feels. And yet, here I sit. Boombalardy personified. 
  10. I absolutely love being mum to four boys. I love the looks we get when we’re all out together, especially from pregnant women or couples with what is clearly their first born baby. While I know we are done I am stupidly clucky to do it all again. Thank GOD procedures have been done to ensure this can not happen.