Leaving the house. A case study

When I had Grover the concept of physically leaving the house with all.the.children would send me into quite a spectacular anxiety attack resplendent in sweat and an overwhelming urge to vomit.

Now I do it without even thinking. Oh sure, there are the times I try and sneak out and they get wind of me putting on shoes or hear the jingle of the keys but that’s me trying to escape for just a few minutes on  my own rather than it being too hard to take them all with me.

So this morning Felix was attending the Sydney Swans Academy. Sounds fancy doesn’t it. Basically it was a footy drills session from 9am to12pm.

This morning? In Sydney? PISSING DOWN.

Combine that with getting across town by 9am and I had me a challenge.

So you can imagine my smugness when we made it. Oh yes we did.

I had only overlooked one small but very soon realised important component to our outing.


Think not torrential but heavy falling rain. Think a 100+ metre walk to the training site. Think me with four boys – one all nervous and anxious about what was going to be expected of him, one with special needs all anxious about getting wet, one all bravado about how he likes walking in the rain until about 2 metres in he realised what that actually entailed and one being surprisingly compliant but that may have been because he was being pushed in a stroller.

Being the Bear Grylls of mothers, I grabbed the picnic rug from the back of the car and fashioned it into an umbrella come raincoat for Oscar and ultimately Jasper. Felix and I were drenched as were Grover’s legs.

We then got to stand on the side of a field for two and a half hours while Felix performed a range of drills. I was quite impressed with just how successfully the boys amused themselves by playing in the rain, jumping in puddles, getting even more wet, throwing rocks over a wall, building a dam in the gutter.

I had hoped, being on that side of the city, to catch up with eleanorfromthecommentbox but by the time the session was over we were all in such varying states of wet I had to admit defeat.

We got home, got changed and then headed out to the movies to see How to tame your dragon. I classify myself as a bit of an expert on kid movies (I know, the hide!) and I was skeptical to say the least of this one. Well, I am here to tell you that even having missed three parts of it due to taking children to the toilet it was absolutely fantastic. A real joy.

Then home, then I did get out to do the grocery shopping on.my.own. Then dinner and in some sort of bizarro world moment all of my children were asleep by 8pm.

Naturally I was going to bed early as I’ve had three nights of not getting to bed before midnight and those nights resulting in me running on about 4 hours sleep. So of course I did some quilting instead. And then got into watching Saving Private Ryan which is just plain STUPID because war movies make me very very sombre.

And now it’s 12.30am. What an idiot.

Tomorrow will bring a trip to Target as there will be 25 per cent of shoes and the little fellas desperately need footwear. I just got wind of Tessuti’s having a sale on their remnants bin so that may have to be factored in as well. Oh, and did I mention I’m doing a project with my old employer? We’re meeting on Friday and I need to do some work for that. Yeah.