A survey of sorts, or a fielding of ideas, or what???

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OK, so my best friend is expecting her third child in three weeks. She and her husband are at a total impasse when it comes to naming the newest member of their family. Their current charges are Henry and Jemima.

So – with the proviso that they are totally not into the Top 10 name game, what have you got? Girls and boys names please.

The more the merrier.

I’ll get it started.

Scout, Piper, Henrietta (totally out as their son is Henry), Harriet, Matilda, Willow

Oliver (a bit too popular these days perhaps), Sage (too herbal I suspect, very Northern Beaches), Harry, George (Chef and I had a stand off about calling Grover George, so his name is Grover George),

Chef’s grandparents on his Dad’s side were Aubrey and Audrey (true!) and I love both those names. His Grandpa was called Aub and I just think it is a way cool guy’s name.

Hop to it.

Written by allconsuming

April 15th, 2010 at 3:28 pm