A little bit of this ‘n a little bit of that.

One thing you guys can never complain about is me not giving you a variety of material.

Seriously, I am the buffet of bloggery. So far this week there have been displays of crafting prowess, parental championing of children, domestic drudgery, financial woes and expressions of thanks. NOT TO MENTION A BIT OF SOFT PORN.

So this morning saw me wash my hair and dry it, apply make-up and perfume, find stockings, a skirt that fitted and *gasp* iron a shirt. I KNOW. Grover was touching my legs and skirt going, ‘what dat mum?’ Bless him. 

For you see, today Mrs Allconsuming went to town. For a meeting. Oh don’t worry, I’ve been doing this once a fortnight for the last few weeks for a project I’m working on but today was different. Today I was meeting a very important person who works with an even more very important person who happens to be our deputy Prime Minister. 

God knows how I ended up going and even I was marveling at the miracle I got out of the house without food or snot on the shirt and a hole in the stockings but there I was with a group raising their concerns and ideas on the deliciously uplifting topic of education for special needs kids. 

It was not as productive as I had hoped but you have to start somewhere I suppose. AND I got out of the house AND shook things up a bit doing something I’ve never done before AND went and got some lunch from this amazing Thai place Sooz had told me about. (So sad getting tips on great places to eat in your home city from a friend who doesn’t even live there.) 

Now I’m about to take Oscar to his (free!) gym lesson where they’re going to practice transfers in and out of the wheelchair. 

The fun, I tell you, it never.stops.