So by now you all should have seen this:

Then Blackbird directed me to how it was made, which is way cool.


Today I have some house guests arriving. They are first time visitors, from interstate no less. You’d think I would have the place sparkling in some ultimate example of trickery and deception but instead I’m surveying my house and well, the words ‘ashamed’ and ‘hopeless’ and ‘pathetic’ all come to mind.

Ashamed because well, dudes, there’s just crap everywhere. Hopeless because, dudes, there’s very little I can do about all that crap now. Pathetic because, dudes, every now and then I try to deal with all the crap and install some sense of design and style and that those efforts, surrounded by all the crap and associated dust, look really half-hearted and basic and well, pathetic.

I could now work up quite a sweat to try and put things right but instead I’m going to bake. Because baking makes everything better.