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Oscar – incredibly excited and sick with nerves over simply visiting his (hopefully) new school on Wednesday for an interview and tour. Sick I tell you. Came home on Friday with a little book the school had made with a note from his aide very excitedly telling us to get Oscar to read it to us. He refused to (with compulsory wailing and tears and general expressions of woe) as it was too ‘baby’. I agree with him.

Felix – had a fight with me all Friday afternoon because I wouldn’t buy fat/sugar laden treats as they had had fat/sugar laden treats on Thursday. This child can generate tears quicker than the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful. Then tears because we were going to Jasper’s preschool disco, which of course he then loved because  he was kingpin and all the little tackers chased him around as if he were a God. Then there was the strop because we weren’t going to the supermarket post event to get a ‘special dessert’. There was a lot of me saying things like ‘one day you will thank me for not feeding you foodstuffs that put you into a big fat hole of big fat gross morbid obesity’. Saturday involved the last cricket match of the year in which he hit four boundaries and was a general legend. We had an end of season bbq and family cricket match at which each child was presented with a certificate and some gear (all organised by our team manager and the coach who are both legends). Felix was awarded most improved player AND got a cricket bat. We then went on to drama lessons and then had to go and buy him a new hat – one of those gansta rapper numbers with a flat brim as opposed to a normal person’s cap. Oi. Then home to START his gold assignment for school. The one he’s had since week 2, which is due in today. The one with three parts – a written assignment, the retelling of a gold legend and a model. Awesome. Let’s just say it is now Monday morning and he is lucky to still be alive. The assignment is done.

Jasper – this child has come out of his shell. That would be the shell I didn’t even know he was in. His preschool has basically metamorphosed my all singing all dancing harry high pants jazz hands Jasper into a social, out there little boy. He’s asking to write, he’s constantly singing songs from preschool, he’s demanding I set up playdates and constantly asking if today is a kindy day. It is just breathtakingly exciting to watch.

Grover – the kid is hilarious. Constantly talking, ‘what dat mum? A truck? A big stinky truck!’ “Mum a big bus out my window. Mum, another big bus out my window!” as we drive along. Yes is yesh, hospital is opital, ‘I scared mummy’ when something loud is on the tele or when he’s just cruising for a snuggle with mum. Everytime he goes to the toilet he comes back with ‘good job, teamwork, high five’. A total crack-up. He loves going and hanging out with my in-laws, he and Jasper are firm little buddies chattering away to each other, he totally holds his own with all his brothers, he wishes he was at pre-school, he loves a storwie at bedtime and is just a little stick of dynamite.

Chef – working away – he’s got three days off over the Easter long weeked so that will be a winner. He’s taken to shaving his head because he’s starting to go grey! All these years later and he is still, just sometimes, the greatest enigmatic man I know.

Me – totally exhausted. This term has been manic and I really REALLY want some time out. I’ve been battling some cough type thing which is just a pain in the arse. Mum is all, ‘it’s going to your chest’ but it’s not, it’s just annoying and not making me feel the best. I got back in the pool this week after three weeks out of it and was stupified by how quickly I’d lost the paltry level of fitness I’d gained.

Today is the beginning of the last week of Term 1 in our school year. The big boys are clearly worn out, the little fellas sense weakness and are going in for the kill and I am gagging for the snippets of grown-up time I’m getting (like lunch today with two friends. We met at mother’s group with our eldest children around this time 12 years ago. Isn’t that amazing and cool! One of them has also had a hell of a start to the year with a tiny shard of glass going into her foot and into the joint in her little toe only to then get grossly infected and then requiring multiple hospital stays and surgery. I KNOW.) Anyway, we’re meeting up today to celebrate a birthday and I believe there shall be some alcohol imbibed. Small mercies.


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