Less of a hump day and more of a mountain

OH MY GIDDY AUNT – DUDES, today kicked my arse from here to kingdom come.

6:30am – up, showered, dressed

6:40-7:15ish – totally wasted time trying to get through my Google Reader which stands at around 350 unread posts.  Not as bad as the 1000+ over Christmas but scary in how quickly it got there (about 2 days. Seriously.)

7:16 – snap out of it and get breakfast for the three boys which includes making a dip-in egg for Oscar. I have no idea why I agreed to this, I blame the lack of a morning cup of tea.

7:25-8:15 – collect washing from bedrooms, lounge room, hallways, everywhere else my children (and husband) discard their clothing, get first load on, make lunches for three boys, get bigger boys to empty dishwasher

8:16 – bark at Chef to get up, dry hair, scan Oscar’s birth certificate, print off his immunisation record, go upstairs to Mum’s to collect the various things she’d requested (some of her meds, the bloody comb, other paraphernalia she hadn’t asked for but thought she’d probably want)

8:25 – attempt to leave house
8:32 – leave house

8:33 – wonder where exactly this high school is that I’m visiting for Oscar and hope my appalling vague geographical recollections of the suburb hold me in good stead.

9:00 – am pleasantly surprised to discover the school is on the road I am on and in fact not where I thought it was and arrive in plenty of time.

9:20 – go into the school, see five families I have known/met over the years through special ed programs and the such and have a cup of tea

9:30-11:00 – spend every single minute being more and more convinced that this is the perfect schooling option for Oscar and equally paralysed by fear he may not be selected for this perfect school for Oscar.

11:00-11:35 – drive the back way, through my old stomping ground of teenagerdom to the hospital where Mum is. Includes a minor detour passed the house I grew up in and like what they’ve done to the place.

11:45-1:30 – visit mum. I am THRILLED to announce she looked about 1000 per cent better than she did after the first hip replacement procedure two and a half years ago. Mind you, by the time I was leaving the new oral pain killers they’d put her on were kicking in and she was seeing barking dogs and kangaroos but apart from that she was eating and ‘with it’ which is already two steps ahead of where she was last time around.  

1:30-2:00 – drive to Chef’s work, take his pay, have an espresso (I KNOW!) and eat about 8 deliciously crispy hot chips

2:00-2:30 – stop in at the Mall, go to post office to deposit Chef’s pay, go to fruit and veg shop to pick up afternoon tea for the boys (and some treats)

2:58 – arrive at Jasper’s kindy to collect him

3:13 – arrive at the boys’ school to collect them, call my MIL to tell them about the Meet the Sydney Swans afternoon and if they want to meet us there (they had Grover today)

3:20-4:55 – home, more afternoon tea, hang out two loads of washing, yell at Felix for yelling at Jasper (because Jasper wasn’t helping pick up the blocks), put another load of washing on, ring one of my aunts to fill her in, ring one of mum’s friends to fill her in, leave comment for Blackbird about how ugly the shoes were in her latest post

4:55-6:15 – Footy afternoon to Meet the Sydney Swans, mourn the clear passing of Jasper from any last remnants of my little guy into a full-on pre-schooler, hanging out with the other pre-schoolers, taking part in the little footy drills clinics and not looking for me for any reassurance or to even see if I was still there, lining up for autographs again without looking for me, his brothers or anyone else he knew. Worry about Grover who is just very quiet and lolling around on the ground trying to go to sleep (I think he’s fighting off a bug of some sort), home with my MIL and Grover, leaving the bigger boys (including Jasper *sniff*) and Grandpa for autograph collection.

6:20 – Home to bring in washing, get water on for spaghetti that my MIL has brought along with bolognese sauce she’s made. Because my MIL is a BLOODY LEGEND.

6:35 – Boys home as I leave for parent information evening at the school

6:45-7:10 – Catch tale-end of sustainability talk, head off to Felix’s class talk. Am very impressed with his teacher. She is young but switched on. She’ll relax over time but as she is I am very very pleased.

7:40 – Head over to Oscar’s class for their chat. Funny seeing the difference between a wet behind the ears young teacher with her powerpoint presentation and displays compared to that of a teacher of decades of experience just sitting with the parents having a chat. Both equally impressive and reassuring.

9:25 – Home.

Holy bat crackers I am knackered.