Hip replacements and the like

Can I just say that I adore Seinfeld. A.DORE.  I’m sitting here typing and the episode about Vandalay Industries and Keith Hernandez is on. FREAKIN’ hilarious.

Now I’m watching some charming English gent talking about rivers on ABC1 – the English are such a curious lot aren’t they.


So Mum had her hip replacement today. I spoke to the surgeon and he said it all went well and there were no problems with the anaesthetic.

I spoke to her tonight and she told me she really needed her comb so I knew she was absolutely fine.



In a freakish turn of events, three of my children voluntarily went to bed this evening.

You heard me.

Mark it in your diaries. I suspect it not to happen again for, oh, EVER.


So today I had quite a serious case of rough guts (you’re welcome) and during one of my many bathroom interludes Grover took it upon himself to go upstairs to Mum’s, find some nailpolish and paint himself.

Just how long do you reckon he’d been plotting that little caper.    


I had been a little worried that our newest member of the guinea pig family would be bullied by the older girls and would perhaps need some tlc in terms of feeding her separately. I needn’t have worried, she’s taken to just sitting in the food bowl when she’s hungry.

I like her style.


Can you tell I’m chipper? It’s because February is over. Sayonara month of suckage. March, in a blissful turn of events has delivered blustery conditions and low humidity. HEAR THAT! LOW HUMIDITY. GOD I feel like a human being again.