My internal monologue when it comes to Google Reader:
Fuck, 972 unread??? WTF? I had it down to zero like, three.days.ago. MAN. I am just following too many people – I can’t remember who did that tutorial on that gorgeous cathedral pillow idea or used those stunning fabrics in a really simple 4″ square number. Who was it who just joined weight watchers and has unknowingly given you the final cyber shove to get your act together about losing some kgs? Damn it. Swiss Miss has 42 unread??? HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? Didn’t she just have a baby. Wait, maybe she’s the one who is pregnant. Who’s the one who’s newborn has the bowel obstruction, I NEED TO FIND HER. MUST SEE HOW BUB IS DOING. GODDAMNIT. OK. pick your top 10. The ones you read every single day and/or feel disappointed when they haven’t updated every single day. TEN who are you kidding, you bloody idiot, as if you could get it down to ten. Who’s that? Why am I following them? OH yeah that’s right. But they haven’t updated in months. Unsubscribe. Ooh, and them, and them. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe. Man, that felt liberating. WHAT? 965 still unread? D’OH.


So today I was having ‘a big clean up’.

My goal was to clean up the kitchen, vacuum and get all the bigger boys’ bedroom in order while they are away on school camp.

In cleaning up the bedroom I ended up cleaning up the 5×5 Ikea expedite bookcase in the hallway because some stuff had to go out there and it had become a dumping ground. It’s now dusted and organised. But that was not in my plan.

The bigger boys’ room is now only half cleaned up. The lego is half back in there. Their clothes are still not into the new drawers that came with the new longline bunk beds that arrived two weeks ago.

The guinea pigs cage is cleaned.

But achieving that saw me engage in some spontaneous gardening as spreading the used newspaper and hay on the garden required me to re-establish the edge of the garden bed, relocate some agapanthas and water the whole goddamn shebang.

So now I have a clean bookshelf, a rebuilt garden bed and a clean guinea pig cage. WTF?