So by now you all should have seen this:

Then Blackbird directed me to how it was made, which is way cool.


Today I have some house guests arriving. They are first time visitors, from interstate no less. You’d think I would have the place sparkling in some ultimate example of trickery and deception but instead I’m surveying my house and well, the words ‘ashamed’ and ‘hopeless’ and ‘pathetic’ all come to mind.

Ashamed because well, dudes, there’s just crap everywhere. Hopeless because, dudes, there’s very little I can do about all that crap now. Pathetic because, dudes, every now and then I try to deal with all the crap and install some sense of design and style and that those efforts, surrounded by all the crap and associated dust, look really half-hearted and basic and well, pathetic.

I could now work up quite a sweat to try and put things right but instead I’m going to bake. Because baking makes everything better.

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  • Eleanor

    I love coming over to your house. It has some really great people in it.

  • Frogdancer

    I watched both videos. Actually loved the treadmill one the best.

  • trash

    Will watch the videos when I am allowed to turn the sound up but you are right – not only does baking definitely make things better but if you are sufficiently liberal when sifting flour then there is a white dusting coating everything. This in turn looks like snow and we all know how pretty everything looks in the snow!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to be able and come to your house. It sounds like a real home, all the time, alive with people and things and LIFE.

  • Kill

    Once one has been lulled into the trance that is 'eating something Kim has just baked' there is no way any inkling of chaotic surroundings can even permeate the joy. Not to mention the pleasurable effects of the conversation and laughter.
    And as a friend here always tells me – "I'm not here to see the house" and if they are …. Bugger 'em!
    Hope all went well with visitors