Show and Tell

How fitting that Blackbird’s resumption of Show and Tell (along with Crazy Mum Tats – who I thought was going to be like my new friend from school who has now become my hairdresser and does have crazy awesome tats but in fact apparently tats is also some form of crotchet or lace-making or some such. Who knew!) has asked to see our refrigerators.

Considering our fridge of 15 years (the first thing Chef and I bought together) had slowly been dying over the last few months and did actually die on the day we went fridge shopping (seriously, we got home and the fridge was warm and the freezer a pathetic attempt at cool), it is perfect timing.

So behold, The Fridge:

A 710 litre Westinghouse.

On top of it – things needing to go back to Jasper’s old kindy, things for the fish tank which is just to the left of this image and the vitamin drops and worming medicine for the guinea pigs.

We didn’t get the one with the ice maker because I figured a) it was not going to be near the kitchen sink so plumbing it in would have been impossible b) it was something that could breakdown c) the boys would not leave it alone and it would give me the absolute shits.  Instead it has an in-built tray with three ice-cube trays and a tray underneath you turn them into. Perfect.

 The fridge. All 450 litres of it. The fridge section alone is bigger than our previous entire fridge/freezer. See how empty it is – give me a few weeks.What I’m loving about it: the t.w.o. vegetable/fruit drawers, the dairy is on the top shelf, there is a ‘deli drawer’, that I can organise my condiments  by cuisine – an Asian tray, one for Indian relishes and mixes, sauces and mustards. Sigh.

The freezer – all 250 litres of it. See those ice cube trays – I’m in love. That tall bottle is the rhubarb schnapps I made the Christmas before last. Must get onto that. Clearly. Again, so empty at the moment but that won’t last.

And there it is, in all it’s glory.