On a more positive note

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So you see, I had quite a decent sleep last night and all those boys seem pretty chilled today so I’m all, ‘what are you complaining about you thin-skinned wench?’

Things I have done in the last few days/weeks that have been lovely or at least given me a sense of achievement:
– made two batches of particularly tasty granola
– made a green Thai vegetable curry that Felix and I truly enjoyed
– had a vegetarian dinner of veggies, a lemon tahini dressing and millet which was delicious AND discovered Jasper LOVES millet. Go fucking figure that one out (I guess it’s beige and has a similar texture to rice/pasta/couscous)
– helped Oscar make chocolate wheaties biscuits
– been using basil and spinach (silverbeet) from the garden. The silverbeet has been sensational – because you can pick it younger than you can get in the shops it has been the most sensational salad leaf alternative.
– saw Avatar – awesome in its awesomeness
– Rediscovered the restorative power of the ocean – as well as how much fun it can be
– made several batches of jam – am about to make another batch of plum and cinnamon and nectarine and passionfruit today
– made a delightful batch of cranberry muffins which were low fat and high fibre
– managed to pay the car rego and greenslip
– cleared two debts and are up to date on the car loan
– know the health insurance will be back up to date this time next week
– mum and I having lovely chats – today’s one had mum asking if she drove me mad to which I replied in the affirmative and then she told me I drove her mad to which I replied that was the core of the mother daughter relationship. All good really.

Anyway, I’m off to make some jam.


Written by allconsuming

January 14th, 2010 at 11:38 am