Leftovers two ways

So Chef made this delicious creamy pasta with ham and swiss brown mushrooms and garlic and basil from the garden the other night. His parents came over to share it with us along with some crusty bread and a salad made from fresh silverbeet (also from the garden), toasted walnuts, cucumber and cherry tomatoes tossed in some balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.

There was quite an amount of the pasta left due to three of our children not eating either pasta with sauce or pasta with creamy sauce (I KNOW).

If it was me, leftovers would simply have been dished into a bowl, bunged in the microwave and blitzed for a couple of minutes.

When it’s Chef, it’s a saute pan on the stove-top with a ladle of the liquid slowly boiling away beside it turning into pea and ham (well in this case lentil and ham) soup, the left over pasta, some finely diced fresh tomato, basil and spinach from the garden.

Oh yes it is.