Have I told you of my love of hand lettering typography?

The likes of Chris Piascik and Mike Perry just inspire me. In fact, Mike Perry is my absolute favourite. 

And check out Nate Williams.  His work is also amazing and well, I love the name Nate. In fact the only reason one of the boys isn’t called Nate is because as the owner of a monosyllabic first name and always feeling totally jibbed by that reality I was not giving one of my kids the same. And there was no way one of my kids was being called Nathaniel. Don’t know why. They just weren’t.

And Obsessive Consumption takes lettering into illustration and I really really like it.

Pedestrian Typography can make me laugh out loud and she sends daily postcards to her parents – how freakin’ awesome is that!?!

And Quoteskine won me totally with a reference to something I utter quite often: You don’t make friends with salad.*

These barely scratch the surface of this realm. In fact, they don’t scratch the surface, they’re just ones I’ve found and admire. So far. 

I’m entertaining the idea of taking the idea of hand lettering into my quilting.


* Which I often completely contradict as I make a kick-arse salad. The trick? Minimal green shit.