One thing to look forward to in 2010

So it’s well established that 2010 is going to throw some hefty challenges our way which, coupled with the cold hard reality that I need to find some paid work and fast (anyone need a freelance writer/editor/proof-reader who works from home and during school hours and late at night? CALL ME!), is making me pretty sweaty and by that I mean not pretty sweaty like pretty fat but really really sweaty and nervy and clamy and all ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘just keep swimming’ and ‘it will all be alright in the end’ and ‘now where did I put that jumbo box of chocolate/chips/saturated-fat-laden food item.

So when this appeared on my Facebook page I knew 2010 is going to deliver some awesomeness too.

(apologies for the link as opposed to the embedding – it wouldn’t do it for me. I KNOW.)