Fug lifted!

Well hello folks!

Sorry about that moribund wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday. My birthday happened to fall in the 24hour period I allow myself to wallow and wail and well, gnash my teeth following bad/stressful/grim news so while the day was in and of itself lovely it was covered in a shroud of fugness.

A relatively decent night of sleep and all your lovely birthday wishes did much to shift my mood.

Then today saw the arrival of some books I ordered eons ago for a bargain (I saw both of them on sale in Dymocks yesterday for $15 and $20 more per book than I paid) AND a parcel from K in the country – part of which was a hilarious 50c book she bought at her local library sale entitled ‘Soft Furnishings: Over 65 step-by-step projects for your home’. I really don’t know what to make first – some dust ruffles (valances) or the pouffe cover.

AND – a new friend T (a mum from school who cut my hair AND has incredible tats so is therefore way way cool and able to withstand excruciating levels of pain) and I caught up today at the school’s thank you morning tea for parents who have helped out throughout the year AND … she bought me the most stunning bunch of flowers with a cute little Christmas tree ornament of an angel wrapped up with the ribbon.

Seriously, talk about realising just how wonderful my life is. Sure, we all have to make tough decisions and sometimes shitty stuff happens, but, as T and I were discussing today, it too shall pass.

I talked to some friends today and that made me realise, I have to talk to people! I internalise so much of this stuff and then you get a post like yesterdays. Then this afternoon I picked up boys from school and kindy and took them for ice cream in Manly. We then had a play in the sand which of course led to a swim for the boys. Muzbot dropped by on his way home from work and OH MY GOD how much have I missed that man!?! Suddenly it was 6 o’clock – Oscar was chilling on the sand while frolicking in the ocean were a nude Grover, Jasper was in his undies and Felix in his uniform but drenched. So fish and chips from across the road was in order. After being attacked by seagulls we relocated to the car which allowed me to call in and get some badly needed fruit supplies on the way home.

On the trip home Jasper told me how he’d played with J, T and M and ‘they are my friends’ – the first mention of such people at kindy (it only took until the second last week of the year) and told me all about this fantastic game they played today called Duck Duck Goose. Ahh the innocence of youth.

SO you see, yes, the first half of next year is going to suck big stinky chunks of rotting crud but it too will pass.

For those few sucky months will be far outstripped by outings for ice cream and spontaneous dips in the ocean.