Christmas Scenes

Christmas starts the Sunday before Christmas for us when we head south to my Dad and Stepmother’s for Christmas with them and the extended family. This pic is my Dad, stepmother S and all their grandchildren.

The annual mixing of the Christmas pudding. Mum has a stash of threepences and sixpences so everyone got a turn mixing and wishing as they stirred in their coins.

The pud as it primed to be wrapped in cloth and cooked for five hours (with a following four hours on Christmas Day).
Christmas morning – Grover has just woken up here so everyone gathered around to see what Santa had bought him.
 A train! What a surprise! All the boys looking resplendent in pjs.
Both the little boys got trains from Santa, as they requested. (But not Thomas the Effing Engine. PROGRESS PEOPLE, PROGRESS!)
Oscar had asked Santa for a WWE Xbox game. That Santa, he knows how to deliver. At the moment it appears all our ridiculously ginormous TV can play is either this wrestling game or the cricket. I am not feeling the love.
Felix in his element, constructing something – a bionicle? Some lego?
You know, Thomas the Effing Engine better watch his back, eeoreeors are giving him a good run for his money.
Party hats!

Granpa! (My FIL)
Grandmama (My mum)
Nanna, Uncle M, Uncle J (My MIL, BIL and his partner)
Happy HAPPY!
The tiny turkey breast which turned out to not be so tiny. Still have leftovers from it.  I stuffed it with Italian sausage, breadcrumbs, pecans, onion and heaps of parsley, tarragon, oregano and sage (from the garden!). The gravy I made from the roasting pan juices was indescribably good.
Bread sauce, a first for me and one of those, why the hell don’t I make this all the time kind of moments. Seriously good and so damn easy. I also made my own cranberry relish which was equally sublime. Thank you Nigella for both those tasty delights.
 The maple glazed ham. Chef got the ham through work this year and it was, hands-down, the best ham we’ve ever had. Granted it could have fed a starving African nation, still could, but man it was/is good.
Carving! That’s me! In the dress I MADE WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS AND A SHITLOAD OF SWEARING. That’s my BIL on the left there. He just had his gallbladder out eight days ago and had been hanging for Christmas ham as the food stuff to return his diet to something more than the low fat low flavour existence he’d been living. The look on his face on tasting the first mouthful of ham was one of those quintessential Christmas moments.
I think if I ever start sending Christmas cards again I’ll just get prints of this photo. Does anything say Christmas more than this image?
 The Christmas pud. This year’s was particularly outstanding. No idea why, did it at the 11th hour and forgot to put any peel in it whatsoever. Maybe that’s what it was. Anyway, I just ate a slice with cream for dinner. Noice.
Oh, the guinea pigs are still alive!