Five things…

things I like:
Finding cheap-arse fabrics I like at Spotlight AND buying dress patterns for the first time ever
Jamie Oliver’s tour of the USA TV series
This goats cheese chevre I found at Harris Farm
Starting a new quilt
fresh salads with fetta and nuts

not so much:
my world being completely dictacted by the agendas and needs of others
listening to completely ridiculous sibling squabbles
money or lack thereof

things I saw yesterday:
too many rather large hunstman spiders for my liking thank you very much
the inside of our most stupidly designed compost bin – it was as gross as you are imagining
a shitload of soil being moved by Chef and myself (half a tonne I do believe)
Grover asleep on the lounge
Jasper asleep on the lounge

things that are wearing out quickly:
hot weather – and it’s not even officially summer yet (thank GOODNESS I don’t live in Melbourne or Adelaide which have been enduring heatwaves for the last fortnight or Narromine where it’s already been in the 40s)
Grover being toilet trained to wee and poo on the back verandah rather than in the toilet
my patience with too many things
my not drinking alcohol self-instigated rule, what can I say, so much easier to follow in winter
my willingness to clean

things to be happy about:
cheap fabric from Spotlight
Felix naming his quilt Gizmo
the weird gastro virus that has been affecting all of us to varying degrees for the last two months seems to have finally passed
in S.I.X. sleeps I will be meeting some of my online friends for the first time AND attending my first ever CRAFT CAMP
that craft camp will be the first time I have been away on my own ever since having children, and given my current cranky state of mind it could not have come at a better time.