Various points for your consideration

So Chef and I went to the movies last week and saw Inglourious Basterds. I KNOW – we

Neither of us can remember the last time we did that without the offspring and that the film was not by Pixar.

And well, I think we all know the Basterds is not by Pixar. HOLY CRAP people I love Quentin Tarantino. I know I know, that is so lame but you know, he is the most awesome of story tellers. No one. NO ONE builds tension in a film like Quentin. Yes, we’re on a first name basis. And look, we all know that if you’re seeing one of  his films then a lot of people if not everyone are going to die. And they’re going to die horrible, gruesome, brutal deaths. But they do so with aplomb. And an awesome soundtrack.

I don’t know, I just love a film maker who takes no prisoners. Who takes all the ‘but you can’t do that’ sentiment and while flipping the double bird, looks you in the eye and very calmly says, ‘fuck you’.

Go see it.

If Chef and I going to the movies was not crazy enough, on Monday night we went to see Ben Folds perform at the Sydney Opera House. OH YES WE DID. I got my regular email from the SOH months ago and saw his gig coming up and straight away booked tickets w/ the credit card. We didn’t/don’t have the money for such things but I decided I didn’t care, that we would pay for it somehow (thank you 08/09 tax return).

The man is a musical genius. It was an awesome night and included him performing – for the first time – three songs from his upcoming collaborative album with the author Nick Hornby. There was one titled the Levi Johnston Blues – very very funny.

I have a big place in my heart for talented, self-depreciating, humorous individuals who clearly still get a huge kick out of what they do. At one stage he had us doing a three part harmony and the excitement he displayed was infectious. The concert hall at the SOH is not renown for its acoustics but with a full house, including the choir stalls behind him, he was all ‘man, I have the best seat in the house’.

Tonight Oscar was drawing and as I wandered past I realised he was drawing up a soccer field. It was good in and of itself but the thing that just blew me away was that at the top of the picture he had written soccer. Just like that. No needing me to spell it, no crazy letter sizing, just like that.

DUDES – I can not express how monumental this is. Can.not.

This week I did something crazy. We have one of those wooden Ikea stools – the bekvam. Behold:

It was looking pretty tatty.
So, I had this sample pot of paint and had this crazy idea. It was about as close to craft as I get without breaking out in a rash.
I KNOW. Look, here it is in action:

Now I’m not sure how many of you read Maggie over at Mighty Girl but I have read her for ages and adore her. I love her style, I love her creativity and ideas. But. She did this list of things she wanted to do in her life – a great and inspirational read. And then, Intel came on board to help her achieve the list.

WTF? Why?

What do they get for doing that?

I mean, seriously, from a marketing/PR perspective, how is that a valuable enterprise for Intel? That they support inspirational people? That they are therefore inspirational?

The next time I’m in the market for a computer I’m going to choose something with Intel over something without because they paid for Maggie from Mighty Girl to swim with glowing planktony fishy thingies and to drink cocktails in Greece?


Because all it does is make me pissed off. Sure, I’m jealous, you bet darn tootin I’m jealous, but it just strikes me as so… so vacuous. Here is a successful businesswoman who I’m fairly sure could sponsor herself to on these various jaunts. Sure maybe it wouldn’t have been now, hell maybe she would have had to save up for it but this is not someone on Struggle Street, not someone who needs this kind of leg up.

I mean, sponsor a literacy program, put new computers in poor communities, back a special ed program using computers for kids with special needs – now that would make me think this is a worthwhile ethical morally conscious company.  

But this? This just makes me think they’ve got some cash kickin’ around don’t actually have any idea about new forms of marketing or even who their audience is.

Wow, that ended up being quite the little tanty didn’t it.