Purple cats, one-eyed gremlinbats and other ridiculously crafty activities going on around here

Say hello to Purple Cat. It certainly doesn’t look like the picture in the book but I am very proud of her. See that patterned belly? That is from one of mum’s old aprons from the 60s. See that BLANKET STITCH! Well underneath the blanket stitch on the belly is also a zig-zag edging to safeguard against fraying. See the fabric? It’s an old pillow case. I’m so THRIFTY!

Stop me now, I’m only moments away from referring to it as being ‘darling’.

See that felt? It comes from a little haberdashery shop in Mona Vale run by an elderly gentleman who seems to permanently have his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. Well as permanently as I can allude to on two visits to the shop.

Her arms and legs are a bit thinner than I had imagined or wanted but that may be perhaps because I adhered to the seam allowance. I’ve decided I hate cutting out patterns and so there was no way I was cutting out four limbs all over again.

Meanwhile, Felix had made his own little pattern for a creature and waited as patiently as a nine and a half year old can for me to create it for him. Little was the operative word and I had to create a bigger version for him.

We’re not sure if its a bat, or a gremlin so, it’s the one-eyed gremlinbat. See those buttons? From the big jar mum has kept for decades. The eye is a crystally number but apparently I got it wrong as the button I used for it’s butt

was meant to be its eye. Whoops.

Oscar has requested a purple cat too (both he and Jasper claim purple as their favourite colour) and is waiting for it. I would say patiently but we know I don’t tend to lie over here.


If that wasn’t enough, the boys and I sanded back the Ikea table and chairs we’ve had since Oscar and Felix were teeny. The Ikea kids furniture is nowhere near as good as this anymore plus it’s all smaller. So, for the princely sum of $15.50 (two spray cans of gloss enamel paint) we have brand new furniture:

It was CRIMINAL how easy it was. AND it was touch dry in TEN minutes.
I KNOW so much news!
Do you remember several weeks back me telling you about this old wingback chair we had? That Mum and Dad had been given as a wedding present from some family friends? That was covered in delightful BLACK VINYL? With the springs falling out of the bottom? And that I’d bought some fabric from Ikea and we were getting it recovered? SO MANY QUESTIONS.
Well, the upholsterer brought it back last night:

I am absolutely thrilled with the result:

Some of you are probably recoiling in horror, but I am in love:
And that should really do for one post.