The story of gall

I am home, gall bladderless.

There were 10-12 very large stones that took some doing to get out apparently. They each had a diameter of aroud 2cm. They had to blast them to get them small enough to get them out. How exciting!
But DUDES – they give you pain killers for this kind of thing! Seriously, the pain management program for post operative gall bladder removal is so.much.better. than that when you’ve pushed a kid out your wahzoo.
I’ve got a whole little box of pills that are morphine based.
I’m pretty sore but doing OK. Chef, Mum and my MIL have been simply spectacular.
The stories I have to share on my brief but albeit illuminating stay in a public hospital in a general ward where the average age was eleventy gagillion and the phrase scrotal adema was heard more often than once and man’s willingness to fart loud and often in public was more than established are coming. I promise.