Some favourites

Addicted to: Overheard in the Newsroom

Major (and long standing) girl crush: Annabel Crabb
Seriously, she could simply rewrite Spandau Ballet lyrics and I would adore her.
Not only is Pip a bloody legend, she’s PROLIFIC.
Perusing: The (magazine) Inside Out’s blog and all the linky love it gives you
Imagining: All the things I could do with products from this company.
Kitchen splashbacks, wall art, concrete
Reading: My first ever David Sedaris book – When you are engulfed in flames
I always wanted to read his stuff but when I’d get to the bookshop would either forget his name completely or think Neil Sedaka, knowing that just couldn’t be right. Because of this, his latest piece in The New Yorker is just delightful.
Enjoying: Speaking of Daylesford, the latest Victoria Tourism ad for Daylesford.
Yes it’s getting a ridiculous amount of airplay but it’s just so evocative and Victoria Tourism campaigns shit all over those from other states in this country.
Cooking: A number of things from the Homemade cookbook, some old favourites and some new ones – like the self-saucing sticky date and pecan pudding I found in Campion and Curtis’ In the Kitchen tome.
Surprised: By how much I am enjoying teaching helping my ESL mature-aged student with her English for university assignments and workplace correspondence.
Planning: To start my first little foray into crafting – making mobiles and wall-hangings out of images from my piles library of food magazines.