Grace in Small Things: Part 4 in 365*

  1. Felix has taken to lying down in bed with Jasper at night time to tell him stories that he’s made up. Now if that doesn’t warm the cold hard heart of a parent what will? Of course the stories involve dragons and a lot of poo and many people dying but Jasper adores it and how it makes my spirit soar.
  2. Supportive family. My gall bladder operation is tomorrow and everyone seems to be taking it far more seriously than I am. Ignoring it, much? Anyway, we had a family gathering on Sunday and I was talking to my MIL about it and she had her calendar in front of her when I noticed that for the next week and a half she’s put down helping me every day. I’d put one of those smiley emoticons in here now if they didn’t just shit me to tears.
  3. Glorious winter weather. Seriously, the last month has been day after day of the most remarkable cloudless blue skies that just yell Sydney to me. Days in the high teens, early 20s and just a crystal clean feel to them that make you get outdoors. It’s seen us over at the beach more often than not and me realising that next year I’m probably going to have to get the boys wetsuits, such is their joy of swimming any time of the year.
* because it’s been a while.