50 concerts. YEAH Rrrrrght

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Joke could actually do it. I won’t even come close. In chronological order.

1. The Gadflys – at uni. Loved them because it was compulsory to be a First Year Arts Student and to love The Gadflys but also because I loved them. They were kinda dirty. In an unwashed Glebe kinda way.
2. The B-52s – absolute SHITE. Played about three songs. Can’t remember where but the venue was small, crowded and stinky.
3. The Cockroaches* at the uni bar in Bathurst when Chef was at uni in Bathurst (the year before I transferred to uni at Bathurst and by which time he was being shown the door).
4. U2 – The Zooropa tour. It was at the SCG but we got right up the front and Bono could still strut in those leathers in front of me any day of the week. Hawt. The music was OK I guess. Can’t really remember.
5. The Badloves at The Coogee Bay – crap.
Now the order gets a little hazy
6. The Eels – awesome. At The Enmore.
7. Ben Folds – awesomely awesome. At The Enmore. From recollection Jimmy Barnes came out and sang something with him.
8. The Bens (Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, Ben Lee) – great but not as good as Ben Folds, also at The Enmore.
9. Ben Kweller – no idea – we got there (the Gallic Club) at about 8pm and he still wasn’t on by around 10 and I had a massive panic attack about being stuck in this crowd and we had to leave. The support band was appalling, which may have contributed to the panic attack.
10. Missy Higgins – at the Enmore – so good. So very good.
11. Wave Aid at the SCG – it was good but I felt like absolute crap which we later realised was due to the fact I was preggers with Jasper.
and coming up at the end of this month:
Ben Folds at the Sydney Opera House. WOOT!
* Now known as The Wiggles

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August 9th, 2009 at 8:23 pm