Yesterday, which was Tuesday as it turns out and not Monday as I would have had you believe, Grover and I set out to pick the boys up from school. What glorious weather Sydney is turning on at the moment – think expansive blue as blue skies and temperatures hovering in the high teens – and I was just thinking this to myself* when we walked past one of the new McSortaMansions on the street parallel to us.

The owner was walking around on the yet to be landscaped dirt sprinkling something from a plastic container. For a moment I thought it was seeds but then realised it was water. She stopped me, this lovely petite Indian(?**) woman and said she had been to church that day and was sprinkly some blessed water around to bring good health and luck to her family.

It turns out she’d had some health scares and a series of mammograms and had just received some positive results*** so was giving thanks and sprinkling the water for the future and for her whole family.
I wished her well and we were on our way.
I really do love where we live.

*I’m blaming this happy shit on the new drugs
** Isn’t that dreadful, that I couldn’t tell. Maybe she was Singaporean? She didn’t have a very strong accent but there was an accent, it was confusing.
*** From how she was telling me I kinda presumed she meant positive results meant negative results, if you get what a I mean.