It’s Friday right?

  1. My sinusitis has not improved despite antibiotics
  2. Oscar has it too but thankfully not as badly
  3. Saw our wonderful GP today (we’re averaging two visits a week at the mo) and he’s given me a script for a stronger antibiotic to take once this course is through
  4. The hacking cough does not bode well with my lazy pelvic floor
  5. Mum is coming home early to look after me
  6. Chef is so excited about his new job, he’s doing a few dinner shifts this week and next, before starting there officially. After my operation
  7. The gall bladder is coming out on 12 August
  8. Hence the need to be well and truly over this sinus hell toot sweet
  9. Tonight is Friday night footy – the menu is chocolate, chips, gourmet sausages, bread rolls, salad and some kipfler potatoes
  10. Oh, and an apple and raspberry pie I baked last night.