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So the flu that Oscar had last week and is still recovering from?
Has now befallen Felix.
Which means the plans for this week – a day at the Zig Zag railway and then on to my bf’s place in the country for a few days – are now no more.
I’m worried about Felix, he says everything is spinning and everytime he lies down he feels like he’s falling and he’s just got a temperature that just won’t go away.
I took him to the doctor this afternoon but it wasn’t our doctor. I’m going to take him back tomorrow – to our doctor – and hopefully won’t see the other doctor in the waiting room.
Our doctor gave us Tamiflu for Oscar – rather than a script for it, which costs $50. The doc today wouldn’t give it to Felix, just the script. This sounds pathetic, but we don’t have $50 for medications at the moment. I asked him if he could give it to us and he was all oh no no no, we’re only allowed to give it to high risk cases. Excuse me, I thought all children were classified as high risk.
He said it probably was pig flu but that it was actually milder than influenza A so you’re better off getting the former than the latter.
Get this – they suspect that everyone in Sydney will have had it by Christmas.

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July 14th, 2009 at 1:26 am