Doogie Allconsumihowser MD

So –

Multiple mobile gallstones. Largest measures 12mm (is that good? what’s the standard for gallstones?).
Fatty liver.
Sub-normally low cholesterol (2.7).
This last fact was in the category of AWESOME for my GP. He was all ‘I’ve never seen someone with cholesterol that low occurring naturally’ and ‘it doesn’t make sense’ and ‘I have no explanation for you on that one’ all with multiple exclamation points and excitement.
Have I told you how much I love our GP – he has a wacky name, is around our age and always gives you the whole picture – explaining why and how and so on.
We had a chuckle about me being a medical mystery.
You see, apparently, if you have gallstones it is pretty much a given you will have a fatty liver and high cholesterol. But somehow, my Jedi mind tricks worked on part of that threesome.
The fatty liver is because I am fat and because I like a drink – it wasn’t too bad and that is probably due to the last six months of me trying to lose weight and the last two years of me not drinking that much, if at all.
Next stop, specialist.