Every so often I find myself suddenly incapable of consuming any form of dairy – even as minor as a dash of skim milk in my cup of tea. It’s as sudden as flicking off a light switch.

I have realised over the last few weeks that this instant incapacity for cow juice coincides with a general malaise predominantly involving feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin, some impressive stomach bloating and this pain on the right side of my body which reaches around my back and takes up the whole upper right quadrant of my back. It’s similar to that pain you get when you’ve squeezed yourself into that bra that is really too small but you just can’t bring yourself to wear the same one again for the third day and where the hell have all my bras gone anyway. You know that sort of mildly gripping pain you get where it feels like you can’t really draw in a deep breath. But removing the bra does nothing to alleviate the pain. Or more discomfort really.

I mention this in passing to mum, as I’m making us a tea and offer her a green tea as that is what I’m drinking while the whole milk thing turns my stomach. And she is all ‘it’s your gall bladder, you can’t eat anything fatty or rich anymore, it’s what Jannie had and she got very sick and now she’s a skinny minny and the sky is falling. You know, how our mothers do better than anyone else in the whole wide world.

But I think she’s right. I get the pain if I eat anything overly rich or high in refined sugar* or dairy based. And no it’s not indigestion – I am well versed on that having incubated four times with a propensity for foetuses to hang around under my ribs rather than my hips.

I’m going to go and see my GP this week to see what he thinks.

I mentioned it to my neighbour the other day who on seeing us heading off on the walk to school joined us and she has exactly the same thing.

Funnily enough, she said she’s really pulled her diet into line over the last 12 months and now she can lash out every now and then without many ramifications but she still can’t eat yoghurt and that is something she really misses. Over the last few weeks the one thing I’ve really missed eating is yoghurt.

The upside of all this however, is a renewed drive to lose weight with a whole new perspective and attitude. You see, the trying to lose weight from a position of self loathing had only resulted in my creeping up the scale rather than down it and eating a really bad diet. Blackbird suggested that perhaps I say to myself that while I’m not pleased with this body right now, this is the body I have and that did much to shift my mindset.

So I’ve returned to an eating pattern/lifestyle/diet that worked for me 12 years ago when I lost 20 kilos eating that way. It was a ‘diet’ recommended to my by my GP at the time who had also lost something like 25 kilos following the ‘plan’ by a French guy called Michel Montignac. Back then I followed what he laid out in his book Dine Out and Lose Weight but may lash out on one of his more recent books to see what has changed over the last decade.

The main thing it does for me is return me to a more ‘whole’ food diet with far less refined sugar and a lot less fat to what I’ve been scarfing down of late. And I LIKE eating this way. It’s so STUPID that I fall out of the habit of it when it clearly works for me and my body.

So I started this month and have lost 2.4kgs. Just like that.

I’m trying to focus on that rather than the cold hard reality that my baking has not only made me fat but pissed off my gall bladder.

*oh the injustices of the world – after consuming three oat and raisin biscuits the other day such was the pain I had to go and lie down.