ok, so the story I wrote? The eensy teensy story I wrote. That took me months when I should have knocked it over in a day or so or at least within a week? That is dramatically changed from what I provided but still attributed to me so I’m going to claim it as my own thank you very much?

Is in the April issue of Australian House & Garden.

This mag, one of my all time favourites – along with Inside Out, Home Beautiful and Gourmet Traveller – underwent a revamp last month and to say that the new content is extensive is an understatement. Seriously, just reading it is almost exhausting. In that exhilerating imagine what we could do with this place if we had a coupleahundredgrand.

It’s just one of the gagillion mags put out by ACP, a company when I was at school and most of uni was desperate to work at. I even did work experience on Cosmo magazine when I was at uni – which was so successful they said it was like I’d been there for ever and gave me the most stunning bunch of flowers when I finished up (the lowest rung position in the office was on holidays so I actually got to do stuff rather than just hang around looking young and work-experiency).

I viewed this with bosom-heaving pride as on my second day I shattered the editor’s – then Pat Ingram – tea cup and saucer. A gorgeous Laura Ashley set given to her by the travel editor. You should have seen the ashen expresssion of the editorial team when I took her cup of tea,, into the weekly editorial meeting apologising profusely for smashing her favourite teacup.

During my lunch hour that day I went down the the Laura Ashley shop and bought her a new set, using all but about $10 of my fortnightly Austudy allowance, not caring how I was going to survive for the next two weeks.

She teared up a little when I gave her the new set. It wasn’t the same pattern but it was quite lovely, if I might say so myself.

The fact I never called them again to ask if I could go back was a fine testament to my total lack of self confidence and fear of rejection.


Anyway, all I really wanted to do was be a writer as in an author but then quite fancied being an investagive journalist. Then I just wanted to work on magazines – either food or lifestyle. I did the food one, a start-up project where all of us were new to the game and under the whim of a ‘publisher’ who had never published anything in his life who had a penchant for firing people because he felt like it. I was seriously burnt by the whole experience and it saw me leave freelancing for the security of a regular paycheque from a government agency.

Then I had two more children and had a breakdown so this was my first foray back into writing anything for money in almost 12 months.

There you have it. Now go forth and buy 10 copies each, not for ‘my’ 500 words but because it’s a great mag.