OH dudes, what, has it been weeks? months? It feels like forever since I’ve done a proper post, or at least written something longer than 140 characters. Twitter. It’s a killer.

So there’s been much I wanted to tell you all but where to begin, where to begin …

Eleanor and Duyvken came over this week. It was delicious as always until they left. It was then I went into the bathroom. The bathroom both lovely ladies had used. The bathroom I just hadn’t been able to get to before their visit to inspect and rectify the impact of four boys.

I’m not sure what I’m more embarrassed about, the state of my eyebrows on the day or the horror that was the bathroom – skiddies in the bowl and toothpaste in the sink and empty toilet paper rolls on the floor and OI I’m turning just thinking of it.
There’s so much happening with this kid at the moment it just takes my breath away.

Firstly, the change of school? A HUGE success. It’s not that he wasn’t happy or that he didn’t have good teachers or no good friends but now? Wow. I don’t even know how to describe it, he’s just … happier? more confident? a kick in his step? It’s just ‘better’.

Last week he told me he was so happy he had changed schools and when I asked him what it was that made him happier – the smaller size, the being able to ride his bike to school – he said ‘I just think the kids are nicer’. So there you go.

He’s decided this year he wants to play football again instead of AFL – something I have just have to grin and bear because quite frankly, I’d rather push a 10 pounder out my hoohaa than stand on the side of a football pitch and pretend to care.

But, he has also just started taking a drama class and people? OH MY LORD is he psyched about that one. He is just l.o.v.i.n.g. it. LOVING IT. And hopefully it will be the avenue for him to channel his penchant for melodrama that he inherited from someone. Goodness knows who.

Oscar has started electric guitar lessons at school. I know!
I have been walking my arse off this term – the boys’ school is 2km from our place and most days I’m walking them there and back and then doing the same in the afternoon. I’ve lost bugger all weight and that is particularly giving me the shits. So this week I started Jiiiillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Holy crap it’s 20 minutes of sheer and utter hell but in just five days I am now doing Level 1 on full high-impact with proper push-ups and everything. Naturally the scales are telling me I’ve gained a kilo. Awesome.
This little fella is now well and truly a pre-schooler.
He rides his Thomas the Effing Engine bike to and from the boys’ school (and on to pre-school two days a week). When that happens I get the occassional treat of him having a quick kip on the lounge but really, the days of napping are gone with this little fella. I should not complain about it, considering Felix gave up day sleeps at about 16 months so really, that Jasper got to 3 was a big bonus.
Last weekend we took the boys on the ferry and went for a wander into the botanical gardens. The joy in this child is still as infectious as it was when he was a baby. He truly is a ray of sunshine … who can lose it with the best of them when things aren’t going his way or I refuse to put The Neverending Story on again.

He’s well and truly moved into the big brother policeman role with Grover and to see them playing together and having little conversations that basically go like this:
J: No, you can’t do that
G: Why
J: Because its dangerous
G: Why
J: Because its only for the bigger boys
G: Why
J: you’re too little
is just too cute for words.
Of course then there are the days they both wake up, look at each other and decide it’s just warwarWarWAR.
And Grover?
The boy who knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it?

The one who alreay talks in sentences?

(with Oscar’s birthday cake)

Who has THE filthiest temper and frown and cranky face to match? Seriously it’s like the pearls and twinset of bad temperdom.

But who can then turn on the cheekiest of smiles with crazy eyebrow action and slay you then and there?

And who loves Thomas the Effing Engine (toot toots) as much as his brother but also has quite an addiction to beepbeeps (cars and trucks).

Insists on calling poos wees and has now taken to taking his nappy off when he has done a poo and bringing it to me either in the nappy or in.his.hand. Yes, you did just read that. And if that little snippet about my 20 month old BABY didn’t freak you out, then this sure should:

In other news …
My mum’s hip? It appears she’s got an infection in the lining? fluid? around the joint. There are two courses of action – one is an injection and the other is an operation. The specialist said that basically it is something that can happen and could recur for the rest of her life. Awesome. Her athritis has also been getting worse at what seems like a rate of minutes and is so debilitating for her as it’s mainly in her fingers. And then there’s the whole issue with her digestive system and how that isn’t working either. There’s conjecture that perhaps they’re all inter-related and she’s being tested for coeliacs in a couple of weeks. Sigh.

I’ve been kind of watching Cloverfield while putting this together and fuck me, if it isn’t an irritatingly annoying neck-itching movie. What was it meant to be? The Blair Witch Project for cityphiles? What a crock of shite. OMG – one of the directors is talking about the movie being a metaphor. Get.Your.Hand.Off.It. DUDE.

Today also saw us take on the garage. Yes, take on. For you see, it had taken on quite a life of it’s own – a dumping ground for boxes and crappe, just waiting for us to borrow the trailer from Chef’s parents or just swallow us up whole.

We could have filled a small skip bin.

We killed the motherload of ants and their nests (eugh, I’m just shuddering thinking of those billions of ants and all the little ant babies) that were plotting to destroy my current healthy level of sanity behind the cabinets, cleaned said cabinets out and now have a whole new realm of storage as well as organisation.

How mum can never find gardening gloves? Three pairs located.
Lost secateurs? Two pairs found.
Need a screw, a hook, a hammer or a tape measure? Take.your.pick from the BOXES I found.

It also means the boys’ bikes and scooters fit in there, as does the double stroller without it having to be wedged somewhere and then lifted out over a car when needed and so on and so forth.

I wish I could say it feels good, but now I’m just looking at our laundry thinking HOW DO WE ACCUMULATE all this stuff????

OH, and it took me, Chef, my brother and Mum about FIVE hours to achieve this.
That pretty much brings you all up to speed.