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If you’re anything like me and are feeling utterly hopeless in terms of helping these traumatised communities and yet realise that getting in the car and driving 12 or so hours to get there to lend a hand is a tad impractical (or hoping on a plane and flying for 18 hours or so is a little expensive and unrealistic) these are the places to go.

The Red Cross

The Salvation Army

This being Australia, one of your dollars, be it American or from Mali, is probably worth about $50 of ours. You could throw us a nickel and its probably worth a twenty.

Things are happening here which always make you proud to be from your country. Normally Australia’s sporting lust makes my neck itch, but in these situations it sometimes steps up to the plate. To say it has exceeded my expectations is quite the understatement.

Last night’s day-nighter between Australia and New Zealand saw the players donate their match fee (about A$67,000). The one-day series’ major sponsor Commonwealth Bank committed $1 million upfront, as well as $100 for every run scored and $1000 for every six. Cricket Australia contributed $100,000, while the South Australian Cricket Association, despite hosting only three international matches this season, has committed to passing on all ticket sales proceeds from yesterday’s match as well as a cash donation of $25,000.*

The AFL – THE sport of Victoria – has moved its match scheduled from Darwin (an attempt to build new audiences for the sport) back to Melbourne. All proceeds from the anticipated 40,000- strong crowd would go to bushfire relief along with the estimated $250,000 the AFL would save by not travelling to Darwin. This match will raise a motza.

Sports stars have visited the communities but refused to be interviewed, saying this was about the people not the publicity.


*Over $6 million was raised at that match alone.

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February 11th, 2009 at 7:24 am

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