Scenes from a holiday

There have been more trips to the beach this summer than in the previous eight years.

It is a love/hate thing for Oscar. Love the rock pools, hate the beach. We go to the beach more because it’s a two minute walk.

There was a king tide last week.
which made natural lakes up on the beach, perfect for all to muck around in as the surf was angry and dumpy.
There’s been bush walking

an impromptu trip to my Dad and SM’s place, which involved a night of me trying to sleep somewhere in this
and a trip to a naval aircraft museum. No really, it did:
the sibling bickering,
the meltdowns over things like me putting the wrong Thomas the Effing Engine DVD on,
the incredible piles of washing that seemed to accumulate by the hour,
the insatiable appetites of my older children and the beige one of my third
and the fact crumbs and sand would appear within minutes of me vacuuming have seen me increase my meds and resort to alcohol for the first time in two years but the opportunity to have had this time to simply be with my children has been indescribably fabulous.

This photo, that Mum took this evening when we went over to the beach for a play after dinner, is how I hope all of us remember the summer holidays of 08/09.