If I owned a hat

I’d have to be eating it by now.

The boys today have been wondrous.

Tonight, Grover repeatedly hit Jasper over the head with pieces of either Thomas the Effing Engine track or engines and every time Jasper did not lash out at him. Sure, he cried and was comforted accordingly, but he was calm about it all, including Grover wrecking the (most awesome track I had constructed) over and over again.

The bigger boys played WWE on the trampoline and then WWE on their DSs together in.their.room. For a very.long.time.

I have not had to open my mouth.

Both the little fellas had a late sleep so Grover only went down about half an hour ago. Jasper is still going strong.

So now I will bitch about how this is my time but the living room is the Island of Sodor and three boys are playing together as if they really do like such an idea.