First Day

doesn’t seem that long ago.

But suddenly we are here

The first day of pre-school

It’s funny you know, he wasn’t having a bar of any of it until I said he could take Arboo with him.
He replied, ‘and my rockets?’

Everyday when he went to his long day care (from 4 months of age to May last year) he would take his Thunderbird rockets. They weren’t allowed out of his bag but I guess he drew comfort from knowing they were there.

When I replied in the affirmative it was like some memory from the recesses of his mind kicked in and his reticence disappeared.
He packed his bag, just like we used to every morning, requesting sultanas for play lunch and cruskits for lunch. A tricky one the cruskits – you can’t put anything on them as by lunch they’re all soggy. So the kid took dry cruskits. Goodness knows what the kindy think of us for sending the kid to pre-school with dry cruskits.

He was very aware and very happy for the morning to be ‘all about Jasper’

I think having his big brothers there was helpful. Their excitement was endearing and infectious.

He is pretty darn happy about inheriting Felix’s play-lunch bag (in Thomas the Effing Engine fabric) and cot sheets (in the same fabric. Natch.) and was well skilled at the drill of finding his locker. Which they hadn’t labelled for him yet as he was a late enrolment. They fixed this during the day and he was pretty excited to show me his ‘real’ locker when I arrived to pick him up.

He was pretty happy about the set up and then saw a Thomas the Effing Engine T.A.B.L.E.
And that was it really.
He looked a bit downcast when I said we were leaving. There was a little no under his breath but a nod and a hug when I said I’d see him that afternoon.
And with that, we all left and he embarked on his first day at pre-school.

When I picked him up this afternoon he was walking around on stilts having a grand old time.
He said he’d had a good day and when we got home Oscar rushed out to greet him.
Jasper, ‘Oh look, here comes Oscar! Oscar! I went to school and I came back! It was fun.’

Naturally this evening featured all manner of meltdowns and ludicrous demands but our little man of silly walks is on his way.