Australia Day

So today is the day we celebrate everything it is to be Australian:
Straight talking
A penchant for swearing
A dry sense of humour
Anzac biscuits
Lamb and prawns on the bbq
The beach
The bush
The unlikely combination of one of the youngest countries on the oldest continent with the oldest indigenous cultures and nations in the world.

This morning we walked down to the park by the lake for our local area’s Australia Day Breakfast. We went early to avoid the crowds. So did the crowds.
Once two boys started losing it I declared it was time to go home.
Which it was.

I’m uncharacteristically m’eh about it all today.
Normally I tear up at least once about being Australian on Australia Day.

Maybe it’s the humidity.

Or the thing that is on my mind that is happening this week that I’m busting to tell you all about but can’t for fear of jinxing myself.
Which is stupid I know.
And I should just tell you.
But I’m not going to.
So there.
But then I think maybe I should and get your votes on what I should do for this event.
Because I keep changing my mind.
And that is not good.
For anyone.

I mowed the lawn today.
With a Victor.
I guess that’s my nod to our national day.

Mum, my brother, the boys and my niece went down to the lake fishing today.
Jasper was the only one who caught a fish.
A little bream.

So maybe it was a true Australia Day after all.